Unifying the galaxy and community for a common purpose. This is the idea behind “Common Purpose” – A Fan-made Starfield Ad by our team. In collaboration with Bethesda Studios, our team wanted to create an ad that brought hope and unity to Xbox and Microsoft fans around the world. Let this be the dawn of a bright future.


A passion of mine since the beginning and as fan and filmmaker, this series was important to create. With more than 1.1 million+ media views and 3.5 million+ impressions, we achieved our purpose.


Within the Kansas City cosplay community, a microcosm of society exhibits personal struggles and triumphs. Behind the masks, underneath the cowls, and beneath the makeup these cosplayers seek to reconnect with family and friends, reckon with mental health concerns, express LGBTQ+ pride, and find the courage to overcome both external adversity and inner demons.


Our skilled visual-storytellers capture the true essence of travel experiences, focusing on the vibrant interactions, emotions, and connections with people from different cultures. Through our lens, we bring adventures to life, revealing the profound impact travel can have on individuals and communities alike.


Whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, or promotional campaign, we create engaging and cinematic motion pictures that showcase the unique qualities of businesses or events.


Whether it’s a personal quest, a brand’s history, or a fictional tale, they all start with the crucial outline: a blueprint that dictates plot, character, dialogue, location, framing, and composition. Nicholas makes sure that every one of these elements connects at the deepest level and leaves a lasting impact.
Nicholas knows that to hone a great character is to make them relatable and substantial. He also knows that to helm a great team is to gather talented, like-minded individuals and encourage their creativity. In both cases, he brings an understanding of human relationships, effective communication skills, and emotional insights.
No matter if it’s a costume designer in her studio, a snowcapped mountain across a glassy lake, or a gamer reconnecting with his family, Nicholas encapsulates their character within the shot. Lighting, angle, composition, and movement inform tone, mood, and atmosphere (on the ground and through the air), transporting the viewer into another reality.
It takes a keen eye, an attuned ear, technical know-how, and artistic skill to transform raw footage into compelling and polished films. Not only does Nicholas excel in the meeting of images, but he perfects the emotional impact of the whole sequence by pairing the picture with sound and music, transforming moving images into moving experiences.

About Nicholas

For Nicholas Young, it’s all about the journey…

As he creates, he walks the path of a Storyteller: planning the arc, the words, and the frame, molding characters from all walks of life as a Director, capturing the essence of human experiences as a Cinematographer, weaving together the tapestry of moving images as an Editor. As Nicholas treks through the emotional, the cerebral, and the natural, he welcomes collaborators and audiences to join him; take part in both journeys behind the scenes and on the screen, and immerse themselves in films that resonate and inspire.

Let’s embark on your cinematic adventure.